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Egyptian yoga

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You know the Egyptians built pyramids that have exceptional energy power. But did you also know that the ancient Egyptians built by yoga the energy like of the pyramids in themselves? Come and experience it in the workshop in Abydos by the well known Dr. Muata Ashby. Heartwarming energy will overflow you by the combination of this workshop with visits to the Temple of Sety I and your stay in the House of Life.

This Enlightening and Healing Workshop of 10 days includes a tour with visits to temples in Luxor and Dendera is organized in combination with Jasmine Travel. Price €1150,-. For a single bedroom add €100,–.

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Non-duality in Ancient Egypt

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Non-duality in Ancient Egypt

A retreat in the ancient temples of Sety I and Ramses II, and the Osirion in Abydos October 20th – October 29th, 2016

The town of Abydos has been a place of pilgrimage which allows for contemplation, reflection, retreat, healing and recovery of the body, mind and soul for over 6000 years. Once a holy city and spiritual center which was visited by thousands of pilgrims annually, it is currently a remote place in the desert and a comfortable stay. In Abydos you can find the temples of Sety I and Ramses II, built in honor of the cult of Osiris, God of resurrection. The inscriptions in both temples are of excellent quality and visualize a number of non-dual events.

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Kiara Windrider visits House of Life

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In December 2015 we enjoyed the visit of Kiara Windrider  and Grace Sears with an enthusiastic Belgian group .
 Wonderful to see how  ancient Egyptian thoughts touch modern  teachings like Ilahinoor.